Going on vacation to a destination which is vastly different from your home is a Thrill. But for the Nature Lover and the Adrenaline Junkie, Saint Lucia offers a unique experience, which appeals to your inner adventurer and nature enthusiast.

As a tropical island in the Caribbean, Saint Lucia is home to a variety of endemic species of plants, animals, and fauna. The greenery throughout the island, waterfalls, hot spring pools and sandy beaches provide the nature lover and thrill seeker with once-in-a-lifetime moments and great memories.

Here are a few sites and locations that you cannot afford to miss on vacation on the island of Saint Lucia:

1. Tree Top Adventure Park

Errard waterfall St. Lucia
Errard waterfall St. Lucia

This Outdoor Adventure Park is located in the tiny Dennery village, on the East coast of Saint Lucia. It offers an exciting way to experience the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforest.

Fly above the tree canopies, on a state of the art Zipline, which is the highest and longest on the island. If you are one who prefers a more serene way of enjoying nature, while on vacation, the Canopy Walkway will allow you to marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest from an aerial view.

You may even get a close up look at the many species of birds including those endemic to Saint Lucia, like the St. Lucia Oriole.

When you decide to come down from the trees, take a cool stroll to the alluring Errard Waterfall; where the pool below, is perfect for wading, rejuvenation and coming down from the high of an adrenaline rush.

The rock face’s naturally carved crevasses,  provide seating directly under the fall, making for a picture-perfect moment.

2. Diamond Botanical Garden

For the Botanist or self-proclaimed plant enthusiast on vacation, this garden contains a variety of plants, flowers, and trees both indigenous and non-indigenous to Saint Lucia.

The garden seems almost mystical because of the many fountains, streams, vine arches and the river flowing through it. Speckled throughout the garden, is one of a kind artwork, almost as captivating as the plant life itself.

After wandering through the garden, you can soak in pools, filled with hot spring water. But just before you do, be sure to visit the Diamond Waterfall, a mixture of fresh water, heated after passing through the world’s only Drive-in volcano and fresh spring water.

The fall flows down a mountainside, where the rock face is naturally, artfully painted in greens, oranges, reds, and browns. This mystical garden is located in Soufriere, St. Lucia.

3. New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

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A secret hideaway in Soufriere, on the west coast of the island, the New Jerusalem Mineral Baths are terrific for the vacationer who wishes to enjoy nature in a more private, intimate setting.

The Mineral Baths are only accessible by foot which adds to its adventure appeal and privacy. After walking along a dirt road, shaded by flowering plants and trees, carved into the hillside, you will arrive within ten minutes.

New Jerusalem’s Mineral water comes from underground hot springs. The water is fed into two (2) pools using bamboo to ensure that the natural ambiance is kept.

While you relax and soak in warm mineral water, naturally made perfect for revitalizing your skin, many trees provide shade and shelter as the pools are out in the open. You can relax in the therapeutic bath as you look up at the blue sky or twinkling stars.

4. Latille Waterfall and Gardens

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This waterfall is another hidden beauty, located on the east coast of Saint Lucia in Micoud. To get the full rush of excitement and adventure, you can opt to take a hike to the falls.

The garden around the fall is filled with fruit trees, plants, and lovely flowers. The tranquil setting is perfect for relaxation, in the pool of fresh water, cascading elegantly down the rock face.

Like most of the breathtaking falls on the island, Latille is located within the rainforest so the sights, sounds, and scents of the forest, will engage your senses as you stroll along the trails around the waterfall. Great place to spend a day on your vacation.

5. Anse Couchon Beach

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A black sand beach located in Anse La Raye, Saint Lucia. Ideal for a snorkel adventure and the vacationer who loves marine life. You will certainly see many reef fish and healthy coral.

The warm water of the Caribbean Sea washes its shores and the song of the sea is an invitation to go in. Sand, sun and the ocean is an amazing way to vacation.

Not on the main road, the beach is perfectly positioned in a scenic area within the village. Even on the ride to the beach, you will be enthralled with the many sites worth capturing.

6. Kalime Beach

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Where the blue sky meets the ocean and the river meets the warm sea, Kalime Beach is the ideal oasis. The beach is located in the south west of the island, in the small community of Piaye, Choiseul

Along the banks of the river stand tall, majestic trees, fusing the forest and the beach, resulting in a scenic, gorgeous location. On the beach front, a grill and bar restaurant offers quality rum, great food and an area to sit and chill.

Your view of the calm sea will remain undisturbed as you dine under the stars or enjoy a hearty meal and drinks in the daytime. Kalime Beach is one of many white sand beaches in Saint Lucia that the vacationer should definitely take a deep in.

7. Soufriere Drive-in Volcano

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Saint Lucia has the world’s only Drive-in volcano. You will stand directly inside of the crater of the dormant volcano which formed and shaped this beautiful island.

Right next to the volcano are bubbling, steamy pools of Sulfur water, with essential minerals. The mud around the baths, make excellent masks, which will instantly smooth and awaken your skin.

Make sure you check out the gift shop to purchase sulfur products on your way out. This is an activity that the vacationer will get to do nowhere else but Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia is an island rightly called “Helen of the West”. Its natural beauty, curves, rises and falls of its landscape, will bring peace, clarity, and fun to the vacationer who chooses to visit its shores. The beauty is not only in its landscape but in its vibrant people who will help to make your stay satisfying. A destination you will want to visit again and again, and don’t forget to take bring back some items with you on your trip home!

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7 Must-See Places for the Nature Lover Vacationing in Saint Lucia

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