Safety should always be an important factor in anything you do, especially traveling to a foreign country.

There is a lot that comes with making travel plans and it can turn from something exciting to something stressful quickly. We hope that this article provides valuable information for your safety in a series of travel safety tips when traveling to St Lucia.

We will break down as much as we can from laws, transportation, weather, currencies and more. We want you to have full security and confidence in planning your trip to St Lucia.

If you are already in St Lucia and looking for information on how you can have a safe and fun-packed vacation or just peace of mind, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s jump into the tips, shall we?


In St. Lucia, the wall outlets used at various places of accommodation varies, but the primarily used standard is British (220v) outlets.

If you’re coming from the US you might not be able to plug your devices to charge without an adapter.

The same goes if you are coming from the UK you might also have difficulty getting charging spots since some lodging areas use US (120v) outlets.

It’s best to be on the safe side and travel with a universal adapter. You can’t simply purchase these at the airport like other countries. We recommend the one below.

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Road Safety and Transportation

If you are eligible to rent a vehicle when you arrive in St. Lucia then this is great for convenience and can be very economical.

However, there are a few things to know. St. Lucia does not have much road assistance so be sure to be extra careful when driving around busy areas such as shopping hotspots like Rodney Bay and Castries, near airports, schools, and establishments.

Look out for pedestrians along sidewalks or looking for a window to cross the street, especially in those areas just mentioned. Do not for any reason pick up strangers or hitchhikers.

The roads are very narrow and lots of curves and hills to work our way through. If you are not confident in driving these island routes no worries, taxi services are provided by hotels, shopping areas, resorts or tours.

Also, public transportation such as minibusses are available for your use and are inexpensive. To differentiate between taxi services and public transportation remember that registered taxi service vehicles have blue number plates and public transportation has green number plates.


We advise that when leaving your hotel or accommodation that you do not go with your valuables like your passport, expensive jewelry, and items of the sort.

You should always keep these items locked inside your luggage, no matter if you’re staying at a luxury hotel or a small lodging space.

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Using a pouch that can be covered with your shirt or blouse to hold your money, keys or other items when traveling the island would be a great idea if you’re going on a short trip so that you don’t misplace these items.

When traveling around to do tours or other activities; a backpack or rucksack is just fine, but remember to carry only what you need so that in the event you lose your bag of choice you’re not at a complete loss.

Do not stray from lively areas or take deserted streets to reach a destination.

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Roaming and Exploring

There is a lot to be explored in St. Lucia, but you want to make sure you’re doing so with your safety in mind.

With so many hidden treasures, you want to find the best tours, travel in groups, and have confidence in knowing how you are going to make it back to your place of accommodation safely.

If you are renting a vehicle, it would be wise to know the roads and areas well by asking hotel staff for physical maps, making use of google maps, or even hiring someone to come on your adventure with you.

We strongly recommend not exploring with little to no knowledge of areas as you will be putting yourself in danger of getting lost or your personal items being stolen.

Considering a designated driver such as a taxi driver is a wise thought in the event you would like to go out for the night to a bar or street party.

If you are staying at a Villa, Guest House, or other similar places of accommodation, it’s always a good idea to have the phone number saved.

Illegal Substances & Attire

When it comes to illegal substances, aside from the obvious drugs like cocaine, cannabis is one on that list that you should stay away from as it can have consequences for possession or use in St. Lucia. Trafficking of these illegal substances will work you up some penalties.

In St. Lucia, we drive on the left side of the road and you should have your international driver’s license with you at all times behind the wheel.

Be sure to use your seat belt as you will get fined if seen without one by an officer of the law.

The wearing of camouflage clothing is an offense once it is worn by anyone outside of the police force in St. Lucia. Items of the same textile is also an offense.

Medical Assistance

Victoria Hospital located in Castries and St. Judes hospital located in Vieux Fort are public hospitals.

As you can imagine, these two hospitals will generate a lot of traffic and you may have a long wait period before receiving assistance.

Another hospital which is a private health service is Tapion Hospital located near Castries where service is prompt but can be pricey.

When traveling make sure to prepare travel insurance that covers hospital stays. If your injury is major and cannot be assisted with the health care in St. Lucia you will be moved to Martinique or Miami for necessary assistance.

In your travel insurance, be sure to cater to the possibility of medical evacuation.

Climate and Natural Disasters

When deciding the date for your trip, keep in mind that hurricane season starts around mid-May to the end of November.

St. Lucia has been very lucky with avoiding major hurricanes in recent years; however, your safety is in our best interest and you should be informed.

Tropical storms have been known to turn rapidly into hurricanes, you will be notified by local services on the weather updates well in advance before risking your safety and access to services.

It is wise to be prepared for any situation and keep emergency contact information for your airlines, service providers or other services used or needed while on your trip.

In the event you are caught in a storm on your trip, please follow the advice given by your accommodation providers and our local disaster services.

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