So, you’ve finally saved up for your tropical Caribbean vacation. You’ve sacrificed daily coffee runs and expensive dinner dates, just so you could have enough money for a proper vacation, and not just five days off still thinking about work.

You want sun, sea, and sand. St. Lucia was your favorite option. Maybe it was the lure of the Pitons, the drive-in volcano or the beautiful hotels.

After all this hard work, it would be a shame to spend your entire vacation confined in a hotel, eating the same foods that you eat at home. You want a true, authentic St. Lucian vacation.

Although most hotels are in the north, amidst the thriving nightlife, they do not necessarily provide the ‘St Lucian’ experience. For this, I recommend vacationing in the south of the island.

There is no shortage of accommodation, and definitely no shortage of interesting things to do.

Outside of the internationally acclaimed hotels like Jade Mountain and Ladera in the town of Soufriere, a small hotel tucked away in the foliage is the perfect escape.

Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is a 19th-century colonial resort, surrounded in history and an extraordinary natural environment.

The resort provides a beautiful, intimate setting with the option to experience a working cocoa plantation; inclusive of dancing on the cocoa!

The resort’s restaurants feature local ingredients straight from the resort’s farm, for French and Caribbean inspired meals.

Fond Doux Estate St. Lucia Patio

Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is an all-inclusive experience, but no hotel can provide all a country has to offer. A short drive uphill from the resort is the Tet Paul Nature Trail.

An easy, 45-minute hike guided by knowledgeable locals is probably one of the most scenic adventures in the south. At certain points along the trail, it is possible to see all the way across the to the eastern coast of St Lucia.

On an exceptionally clear day, the neighboring island of St Vincent can be seen, and possibly even Martinique! Other points on the trail over stunning views of the Pitons, the community of Choiseul, and the emerald waters of Jalousie Bay below.

If the impressive photo opportunities aren’t enough, the Tet Paul Nature Trail includes amenities to demonstrate the making of local cassava, and a ‘Traditional House’ to give visitors an idea of St Lucian life a few decades ago.

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After building up a sweat on the Tet Paul Nature Trail, nothing would be better than the refreshing waters of the many waterfalls and springs, all still in Soufriere.

The Superman Waterfalls is a lesser-known gem in the community but is highly regarded by locals and visitors alike.

Piton Falls and New Jerusalem Mineral Baths feature pools of naturally heated water; for the ultimate outdoor hot tub!

Most holidaymakers tend to stay in Gros Islet(Northern Part of the Island), where clubs, bars, and restaurants make up part of the hotel product.

Admittedly, it’s easier to access things in the north, but isn’t the point of a vacation to experience the country and its authenticity?

Being off the beaten track, and being immersed in the bountiful lush environment of the south might just be the new way to vacation.

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