St. Lucia’s tallest mountain

Believe it or not, this is not a widely known fact amongst St. Lucians, so I’m pretty sure many people visit St. Lucia thinking that Gros Piton is the highest mountain they could climb while here. I grew up where it was taught at Primary School but it’s been years and I’m no longer familiar with the Primary School’s curriculum to say whether or not they still spread this fact— I’d like to think they do. Do you remember that popular kid in class who everyone flocked to and befriended him/her while you always wondered why everyone likes them so much; even though you knew that you’re cooler? Me neither. But I’m sure Mount Gimie feels that way, poor guy (Gimie is pronounced Jimmy, so let’s just refer to it as a “he”).

Gros & Petit Piton have for the longest time been the forefront of St. Lucia, the face, even gaining international recognition and becoming a World Heritage Site. Ask yourself; what would Saint Lucia be like without the twin peaks? What would we have to show off in every visitor magazine, our logos, our commercials and so on? Gros Piton and Petit Piton have truly become Saint Lucia’s gems— well deserved.

So what about Gimie? He’s much taller than Gros Piton & Petit Piton, he ranks #17 on the list of top twenty highest mountains in the Caribbean, so why isn’t he spread across the St. Lucia visitor channel or used on the cover of top rated magazines? I have a hunch. I actually grew up close to Mount Gimie— well at least closer than most, in the community of Fond St. Jacques; one of the many St. Lucian communities considered as “Country Side”, due to lack of development and bad roads. During my days of working my butt off in one of the many farms which help put fresh local produce on the store shelves of supermarkets; Mount Gimie was always at my back. Even while being so close, he was easily overlooked. It’s ironic when I think about it now…he’s the one who always had his head in the clouds.

I have still yet to summit Mount Gimie, but I have summited Gros Piton. Is that bad? It might be, but it’s not uncommon; we often overlook many of the great experiences right before us. Gimie can rest assured that my footprints will grace his tracks one day, but what about you?

Though I have yet to take on this adventure, I have seen a few photographs from its summit and I do believe it’s one of the most spectacular views you could experience in St. Lucia. One reason Gimie may not be as appealing to many as his brothers might be his distance away from civilization, but doesn’t that just add to the adventure? There are also not many tour operators providing the guided tour, but don’t worry if you’d like to take on this adventure we can help!

Let us know in the comments; would you climb Mount Gimie?

Poor guy Gimie, old buddy, old pal

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