We asked a visitor to St. Lucia to tell us about their first ever experience on the island and they couldn’t help but provide us with details worthy of its very own blog post! Enjoy and we hope you book that ticket soon!

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Hi 🙂 My name is Sarah and I am 22 years old. I recently had the opportunity to travel to the BEAUTIFUL island of St. Lucia, twice! My first experience was a family vacation in Castries. We stayed at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, which is an all-inclusive resort. Being a traveler for many years, I have to say that all-inclusive resorts may be my favorite.

I only say this because once you are at your final destination, after a long and exhausting travel experience, you are able to completely relax without any worries! Free food and drinks… what is better than that? On top of that, these resorts usually have many different restaurant options for nice dinners in the evenings.

My stay at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay felt like a dream. Upon arriving at the resort, myself and my entire family were greeted with cool refreshing towels along with delicious drinks. We were all able to sit in comfy couches while our rooms were being confirmed. While waiting we were informed of all of the details of our stay, including many excursions that were possible for us to do!

The excursion we picked was AWESOME. It was from about 10 am – 2 pm (which I personally think is a perfect amount of time for an excursion- not too long, and not too short) and we traveled by boat. Our destination was a different part of the island, where we hopped on a bus and traveled to a natural hot spring where we all soaked in warm natural waters in the middle of an absolutely breathtaking area of the island.

Next, MY FAVORITE PART, we covered ourselves in MUD. The mud is very good for skin and we were told to put it all over! After this part we soaked in the natural warm water again, and proceeded to travel to a waterfall in the middle of the JUNGLE! I ran right in and got awesome photos and videos of it all. To top this amazing experience off, we then proceeded to travel back to our boat, and snorkel along a different coast. I saw many fish and even an octopus!

My week stay at the resort was perfect. We went on a banana boat a few times, my cousin and I took little peddle boats out far into the ocean, and I enjoyed free drinks served to me on the beach, by the pool, and even IN the pool at the pool bar. The staff at this resort were the most AWESOME people I have ever met, and I still remember many of their names. Not to mention my family and I also made many friends of people that were also staying at the resort; everyone is so friendly and happy while in St. Lucia!

So, to top this whole story off, after graduating from college, I had the opportunity to go to travel ANYWHERE for a week. And guess what, I chose St. Lucia, AGAIN! This time, I went with just my boyfriend and it was just as amazing. The funniest part, is that I chose to go BACK to St. James’s Club Morgan Bay again also! Some of the staff even REMEMBERED me! It was like reliving a dream that I thought never happened.

Each day while in St. Lucia, I remember the feeling of just not believing my eyes. The beauty that is all over the island is astonishing and I have NEVER been to an island as unique as this one. Growing up, I traveled to different parts of Mexico a couple of times, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Dominica, Grenada, and many other islands, BUT something about St. Lucia will ALWAYS have my heart.

I feel like I fell in love with a place, which is a strange feeling! I even have a dream of living out there one day, being a sociology major, I would love to do research on the lifestyle of the people living on the island and get to know the island and everything and everyone on it so much better.

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I recommend EVERYONE to go to St. Lucia. Every part of the island is beautiful, whether you want to relax or have an adventure, St. Lucia is PERFECT for both. The weather is also pretty perfect every day and throughout the seasons.

I went in both January and September and had pleasing experiences both times. I don’t know what else to say but if you have the opportunity to travel to an island, CHOSE ST. LUCIA and I promise you will not regret it.

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