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A vacation destination in the Caribbean such as St. Lucia is a quintessential setting for unwinding, relaxing and rejuvenation.

Contrastingly, the island’s almost picture-perfect landscape is ideal for an Adventurer looking for; an adrenaline high, breathtaking views and experiences so exhilarating, that nostalgia sets in, directly upon departure.

If you are a vacationer who characterizes one or both of these, your next vacation preparations should be made for St. Lucia.

The island’s ambiance is also alluring to romantics who want to get away and indulge in both the beauty of their partners and the loveliness of the Helen of the West; as well as families who want to rekindle a bond.

A resort or villa stay provides the vacationer with all the necessities for leisure but to fully enjoy the island, you need to be on the road; sightseeing and exploring.

There are several ways to go about doing this in St. Lucia: hiring a taxi, taking the public minibus service which travels throughout the island, using one of the hotels’ or island tour services or renting a car.  All of these options offer several pros but here are some reasons why you should rent a car while on your St. Lucian vacation.


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Why renting a car in st. lucia is cost effective. Illustration.
Renting a vehicle is cost-effective. Icon: Laura Reen

1. Cost-Effective

On vacation, finances are still important. You may still need to keep up with your spending to ensure that you experience the best a location has to offer; so it is important to know the cost of transportation to any destination you will be visiting.

In St. Lucia, the most common form of transportation is the Public Minibus service. While it is convenient due to the fact that the buses are on route for most of the day, the cost of the service may drain pockets if you want your St. Lucian vacation to be adventurous and entertaining.

Taxis can pick you up at your doorstep, and bring you to exactly where you want to go, but the cost of a trip around the island, especially for a group can be a bit much if you are traveling on a budget.

It should be noted that the quality of the taxi service is exceptional and is perfect for the vacationer who doesn’t go very long distances away from their lodging or does not mind the cost, taxi drivers can also provide a wealth of information about the island while taking you around.

Why renting a car in st. lucia is convenient. Illustration.
Your own rental provides convenience. Icon: Laura Reen

2. Convenient

Renting your own vehicle would mean that you can move around speedily and freely at any time. While taxis and buses are always available, it cannot be 100% guaranteed that they will be accessible to you on demand.

At any hour of the day or night, you can jump into your rental to enjoy the positive vibes, events, and quality entertainment that St. Lucia has to offer. With hired vehicles such as taxis, it is not always possible to stay at a location for as long as you please, while with Public buses you may not always be able to leave when you desire.

Why renting a car in st. lucia allows offroading. Illustration.
Having a rental allows for more exploration options.

3. Off-roading

Tour services offer organized fun and adventure all over St. Lucia. Although this is both convenient and good for your budget, you may want to see the hidden treasures and gems on the island that are not on the common agenda.

St. Lucia is beyond stunning and the amount of uniquely captivating sites and scenes here are countless.

With the help of your map, a tour guide or friend, a rented car means going off the highway and into the more unseen inner parts of St. Lucia.

Why renting a car in st. lucia provides comfort. Illustration.
Renting a vehicle allows you to choose your style. Icon: Marta Konyk

4. Comfort

On your island vacation, you always want to feel relaxed. A key to ultimate relaxation is comfort. St. Lucia is an island with many winding hills and plateaus. Excellent for picturesque views but this can make traveling a little uncomfortable if you are not in the best mode of transport.

Renting would mean that you can ride in or drive a vehicle you’re content with and in style.  It should be mentioned that taxi service is also great for comfortable travel.

Why renting a car in st. lucia provides flexibility. Illustration.
You’ll be more flexible with your plans.

5. Flexibility

This is right next to convenience because when you rent a car, you can experience St. Lucia in an “in the moment” way. When a vehicle which you have unlimited access to is always accessible, your vacation can be more spontaneous and enjoyable(how it should be).

If your plans fall through there is always something else to do and you can go freely. Something is always going on in St. Lucia so it won’t matter when you hear about it, you can be there because of the flexibility renting a vehicle provides.

No matter how you choose to travel while in St. Lucia, your vacation will be memorable and fun-filled.

St. Lucia, “Simply Beautiful” offers some of the greatest escapades you can ever enjoy. The people are warm, the food is scrumptious and the entertainment is amazing!

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    1. Marcus Coons

      I loved when you mentioned how renting a vehicle is a good cost-effective way to move around. It makes sense to think that doing this can also help you avoid problems with your own car. As I see it, taking the time to look at online reviews can help you find the best vehicle rental you can find.

    2. Steffy Jean

      St.Lucia is such an amazing island and having your own rented vehicle helps you move about the island freely and at your own pace. Keep in mind that you only drive on the left here in St.Lucia. We look forward to having you on your next trip to our beautiful island.

    3. Matt

      We only have about 5 hours from our cruise ship. Does it make sense to rent a car?

      1. Editorial Team Listing Owner

        5 hours is a very short time if you want to take part in some major activities, it’s possible to go around the island twice in that time but not being used to the roads might lengthen the journey.

        If you’re not used to driving on the left that might also lengthen the journey.

        If you plan to only drive from Castries to Rodney Bay or Gros Islet, maybe visit Pigeon island, it would make sense.

        Traffic from Castries to Rodney Bay can get really really bad(when people are heading to work or leaving work), so the time of day is also important.

        We don’t recommend renting a vehicle if those 5 hours fall amongst 7AM-10AM or 4PM-6PM

        Hiring a taxi might be best in this case though cost a bit more:

        You can also have a tour of Castries during that time, explore eating options, and also visit Morne Fortune where you can get a full view of Castries

        City tour provider: