“Whenever I visit another country, I always feel the need to touch the town and show respect to the locals and my appreciation of their culture.”, words by the Fast and the Furious celebrity and longtime rapper who is currently vacationing in St. Lucia with his wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue at one of the local resorts which we believe is the Jade Mountain Resort. The Instagram posts began a few days ago with Ludacris posting the following photographs captioned with “Let the shenanigans begin.”

Let the shenanigans begin. #thebridgesgetaway #wedothisshit #voltrontravel

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Shinanigans alright!

Way too hot out here for me today. I’m out

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It’s not all games for the celebrity, he visited the town of Soufriere to mingle with the locals and also experience a little more of the “Island Life”; something not typically done by celebrities who visit St. Lucia.

Kudos to the gesture!

Ludacris socializes with local Soufrierians

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