Source: Blazin Nation

After months of preparation, Blazin Nation delivers on its promise to feature Kalash the French Rapper/Singer originating from the Caribbean island of Martinique at its Temptation Island event.

Blazing Nation; a St. Lucian radio station aimed at the new generation as it is put— features lively local St. Lucian personalities such as Scady Dot P,  Franny and DJ HP just to name a few.

A promoter’s blight is selling tickets on a selection of artists which sometimes do not show up at these events, this has happened in St. Lucia, and in my experience compensation is never given to ticket purchasers who most times attend an event solely for the headlined performer. Blazin Nation surely delivered on their promise as far as we could see in the following video:

Source: Blazin Nation

Is this enough to verify the entertainer’s presence? We believe it is. Temptation Island happens today; July 1st at the Pigeon Island Side lawn in Gros Islet, St. Lucia from 11 AM to 6 AM. The event is expected to bring in locals as well as visitors from French-speaking Caribbean islands such as Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin. Fun fact: St. Lucia is not a French-speaking island, the predominant language spoken is English, our second language which could be referred to as our mother language— though not being predominant is French Creole, also known as Kwéyòl, which has similarities to French but different in many ways. Music has no language is what they say.

Some of Kalash smashing hits include: Free Me, Bando and Taken.

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