NOTE! We do accept Credit/Debit card payment, but your order needs to be at least $50 USD. Update your order to include items totaling to at least $50 then go through the checkout process. Select the “Pay via Payment Request Option” and an email will be sent with details on completing your order.

The following guide applies primarily to St. Lucians living in St. Lucia

Though creating a PayPal account is easy & painless, you might not want to wait the few days it takes to confirm your Debit/Credit card for future hassle-free payment via PayPal, or; you might need help with shipping to your address.

We do worldwide, but shipping to a US-based courier service will be quicker. Such businesses provide you with a US address to ship to and will fly in your parcels from that location to St. Lucia, they can also pay for items of your choice using their accounts for a small fee. Signing up for these services are free and they can also place a payment for you if you simply contact them.


We recommend the following:

West Tech Shipping – West Tech Shipping is new to the game but not new to St. Lucia, they are reliable and offer affordable rates; with offices in multiple parts of St. Lucia getting your item when it arrives in St. Lucia can be a short walk away. They can also place a payment for you for a small fee. Contact them to get your items ordered if you do not have a PayPal account.

Contact them: 1-758-458-9378 or 1-758-721-9308

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ShopBox – Shopbox is a seasoned St. Lucian courier service with years of experience and cheap rates. They will place an order for you if you don’t have a PayPal account for a small fee.

Contact them: 1-758-453-7467 or 1-758-729-7269

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